Dr. Richard Forno is a Principal Lecturer in the UMBC Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, where he directs the UMBC Graduate Cybersecurity Program, serves as the Assistant Director of UMBC’s Center for Cybersecurity, and is an Affiliate of the Stanford Law School’s Center for Internet and Society (CIS). Prior to academia, his twenty-year career in operational cybersecurity includes helping build a formal cybersecurity program for the US House of Representatives, serving as the first Chief Security Officer for Network Solutions (then, the global center of the internet DNS system), consulting to Fortune 100 companies, the government, military, and more. As a technologist and student of national security studies, Richard has a strong interest in the influence of technology upon national security, individuals, and global society. (long form bio is here.)

I consider myself an unconventional, albeit realistic, critical thinker about the relationships between technology, security, and society. Within that broad conceptual and practical framework, I have multiple interdisciplinary interests — most notably, information age conflict (broadly defined), cybersecurity operations (esp. incident handling), risk communication, holistic resilience, and the social shaping of technology. I’m also a non-traditional academic in the sense that my prior industry experience informs my approach to challenging the status quo with an eye on developing collaborative, practical, and innovative outcomes via unexplored options.

My public outreach and industry interactions are marked by a committment to understandability across audiences and experience levels – accomplished by mixing a love of technology and background in the humanities to develop and deliver common sense, informative, thought-provoking, and outside-the-box perspectives on assorted technology & security topics.

Neither Rick nor this site are affiliated with or support the antics, views, or activities of similar-sounding internet presences or groups trafficking in falsehoods, conspiracy theories, or other assorted toxicity.

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